Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Review

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Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Review

The choice fell on a smartphone device that has a small dimension, easy to carry, and compact, but the small screen, or on a tablet with a large screen is comfortable to use, but has a heavier weight. For those who want to have a device that is a combination of smartphones buy iphone 12 pro and tablet, you can choose the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Galaxy Note? Yes! Samsung’s own name this Note because the device can be said of a tablet that has a smartphone and dimensions can be used to make calls. This smartphone also has a screen size 5.3 inches is not small and comfortable to use like a tablet. Although not the first time, but Samsung manages to combine two devices into one Galaxy Note is very beautiful.

What distinguishes this one is the Smartphone’s Pen. I had thought that this is a stylus that is used on resistive screen. In fact, I was wrong. S Pen is a special pen that can only be used (currently) on any Note Galaxy. However, S Pen not only serves to write it. There are several commands that can be done using this pen.

These devices use the System on Chip Samsung Exynos with fast dual core processor 1.4 GHz and 400 MP GPU Mali. RAM memory on the smartphone is paired with a capacity of 1 GB. For the internal memory, Samsung NAND Flash memory is pairing that can be worn by the user for 16 GB and there is also a size 32 GB. For its screen size, attached by 5.3-inch screen with 1280 x 800. Used smartphone operating system is Gingerbread with version 2.3.5. To upgrade to the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, Samsung also has a plan in the near future for this device.

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